The first strawberries!

StrawberriesI managed to get 3 perfect strawberries from the garden this evening! This feels like quite an achievement since the chickens discovered where they were! And they were MASSIVE! Home grown strawberries really are the most tasty. My much younger brother in law said that he didn’t really like strawberries until he tasted one of ours! Supermarket ones can be a bit bland, particularly out of season and if they’ve travelled a long way. I prefer to eat my strawberries ‘as they come’ – that is without sugar or cream, apart from the odd spoon of clotted cream (we are in Cornwall!). We chose to grow them in the garden rather than the allotment so that we could keep a closer eye on them and harvest as soon as they were ready, rather than letting the birds, rabbits, slugs and anything else get there first! Can’t wait for more!

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