Bicarb cleaning!

Bicarbonate of soda – I love this stuff so much! I try to use environmentally friendly cleaning products and hate the cost of these branded cleaning ‘super products’ (each one being better than everything else and will change your life, apparently). In my opinion, you can’t beat bicarb for cleaning! One of Ashley’s favourite meals is a chicken and rice concoction with cumin and turmeric and the resulting sauce stains the worktops like nothing else! I used to think that the only thing that would shift it was bleach – enter bicarb! A sprinkle of that directly on the work surface, wipe with a damp cloth and boom! it’s gone. It makes light work of cleaning the oven too, mixed into a paste with water, smeared over the dirty oven and left overnight then you only need to wipe it with a cloth in the morning. It does need a good rinse though; the first time I did this I ended up with white specks appearing when I next used the oven. It looked messy, but at least I knew that it wasn’t releasing fumes into my kitchen and tainting the food! There are probably hundreds of uses for bicarb, I won’t list them all! Oh, and check out this tiny Kilner jar that I found – it has a twist top to select different sized pouring holes, perfect for dispensing bicarb! (You might laugh at me, but you know you want one too – I got this in The Range… Go on, treat yourself!)