Quick allotment trip, 16th April 2016

allotment April 2016I had hoped that this weekend would see us busy at the allotment, but when it came round I just didn’t feel like doing much! We did pop down quickly, taking more compost from home to mulch the beds. Ashley did a bit of weeding and I mainly poked and prodded at tRhubarbhings.

The rhubarb is coming back nicely now, I’m looking forward to harvesting some soon! It seems to have responded well to a decent covering of compost.

We seem to have been somewhat successful at keeping the weeds at bay so far this year – although it’s early in the year yet, they may be back in due course! I think we’ll mostly be OK on the plot itself, but round the edges is another matter. The dock and nettles are vigorous in the summer – maybe full protective equipment and making some nettle tea for the plants is in order? We plan to mulch the paths between the beds better this year – there’s enough weeding to be done on the beds without spending hours weeding the paths too!

The blackcurrant bush and raspberry canes are showing plenty of fresh growth – I did intend to move the blackcurrant to the same bed as the raspberries to make it easier to protect them all from birds but maybe it’s too late now that the blackcurrant is growing again. I will research but imagine I will now be better off leaving it until autumn. 


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