Perfect poachers

perfect poached eggsThese 2 eggs were laid just this morning by our chickens and they seemed the perfect thing to have for lunch! I love poached eggs, but used to have terrible trouble stopping the eggs from disintegrating in the pan. I tried swirling the water, vinegar in the water, both, and anything else anyone suggested. If nothing else, it felt so wasteful having half the egg white splitting off and floating around in the pan. Then we got our chickens and I realised just how ‘not fresh’ supermarket eggs are! Even when I stopped buying supermarket eggs and bought them from a local farm through our village shop, these were still probably sitting around for quite a few days before being sold. REALLY fresh eggs hold together perfectly in the pan, as you can see! I think I’ll forever be a ‘chicken keeper’ now, as I don’t think I can go back to supermarket eggs!