Celebrating my 30th birthday!

Ah yes, 30 years old…. Something I have sort of dreaded but also sort of not been worried about at all! I’m aware that doesn’t make sense at all, but there you go! As my birthday fell on a Monday, I decided to spread out the celebrations over the weekend before. Dinner was at my best friend’s house on Saturday, with flowers, fizz, presents (a gorgeous necklace and earrings), birthday cake and handmade cards from my Godchildren. Sunday saw a visit from old school friends; a Chinese takeaway, more cake and reminiscing over old photographs! Monday, Ashley pretty much waited on me hand and foot, we relaxed at home opening cards and presents (and stuffed ourselves silly with chocolates and leftover cake!) and went out to the garden centre to replace some pots that got broken recently – but once there, I had no desire to buy anything and was feeling a bit blue to be honest 🙁 Later, we went to the cinema to watch ‘The Martian’ in 3D (enjoyed very much) and stuffed ourselves with pick and mix sweets! Overall, a great weekend and so far, I don’t mind being 30 one bit! Ashley and I are both feeling pretty fat today though! And the diet starts again!

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